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Office of Grant Development



The Office of Grant Development (OGD) strives to assist Bristol Community College in obtaining grant funding that contributes to the overall mission of the College. Grant funds are obtained by submitting well-crafted applications to federal and state public agencies, as well as private foundations. 

The OGD works to support grant development and assists in the refinement of project ideas, constructs competitive grant applications, builds project budgets and budget narratives.


  • Research and disseminate grant funding opportunities;
  • Develop or assist in the development of funding applications;
  • Provide technical assistance regarding grant project design, project evaluation, grant budget development and project implementation;
  • Facilitate project planning team sessions;
  • Assist College leadership in evaluating and prioritizing grant programs;
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for all grant applications to avoid duplication and assure compliance with application requirements
  • Initiate and monitor internal grant authorization process;
  • Maintain electronic archive of all grant applications;
  • Maintain accurate records of current grant resources;
  • Research emerging trends and evidence-based practices in higher education to improve quality of grant applications;
  • Meet with College Community to identify resource needs;
  • Coordinate with the Bristol Foundation on grant applications requiring tax-exempt nonprofit organization (501(c)(3)) status

Grant Planning

The Office of Grant Development (OGD) provides interested developers with assistance through the grant development stage, ensures that proposals are in alignment with the College’s priorities and strategic plan, and provides customized services and supports to the grant developer.

OGD requires a meeting with the grant developer and will provide a coordinated grant development schedule during the initial meeting. All grants are reviewed by the Office of Grant Development to ensure that the project is in accordance with College priorities, the interested party is the proper area/division/program to apply to the funding opportunity, and key college personnel are alerted to the grant and its requirements in the development stage.

The Office of Grant Development reviews policies and procedures with the interested grant developer. The policies and procedures provide the developer with the information needed about developing and submitting a grant at Bristol as the Principal Investigator (PI). Additionally, the policies and procedures notify the Principal Investigator of the responsibilities and requirements of the College. If you are interested in developing a grant, please contact to schedule a meeting to discuss the potential grant opportunity.

The Office of Grant Development should be contacted to request services from Grant Development as soon as the decision is made to apply for a grant. OGD should be contacted no later than eight weeks prior to the grant application deadline. All required documents and information must be submitted to the OGD 10 days prior to the deadline for internal approvals.

For more information on Bristol's commitment to supporting and enriching the region’s economy and the Commonwealth through workforce development strategies, innovative growth initiatives and training, and language skill development, visit Economic and Business Development.