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Statement of Solidarity

The Bristol Community College Holocaust and Genocide Center is in support of all who are appalled by the murder of George Floyd. The center stands in solidarity with all of those who are peacefully protesting this horrific act. As a center dedicated to fighting racism in every form, we understand and appreciate that it is only through education and by people speaking out, that the long history of racism in this country can be confronted and ultimately eliminated. We believe with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that "now is the time" to do what needs to be done and we dedicate ourselves to this effort.

COVID-19 Update from the Bristol Holocaust and Genocide Center

Thank you for your support of Bristol’s Holocaust and Genocide Center. We know this is a difficult time for so many. While we had to postpone spring 2020 programming, our three speakers did return this past fall. If you missed them or would like to see them again, go to our Events Page for recordings of the events.

Meanwhile, we want to let you know that the center has had and will have an online presence during the weeks of April 19 and 26 in recognition of Yom HaShoah, the annual commemoration of the Holocaust. For detailed information, please visit the center’s two Facebook pages, Bristol Holocaust and Genocide Center and Mini Symbols of the Lost Childhoods. On the latter page, the center will share links to programming, throughout the country, commemorating Yom HaShoah. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps, with a particular emphasis on this important event reflected in programming by the center’s affiliated organizations, including the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Echoes and Reflection and more.

During this time, the center will also continue its support for professional development opportunities in Holocaust and genocide topics, to regional educators and students. We are planning a summer workshop for regional teachers. Information will be forthcoming after the first of the year.

For more information please contact Dr. Ron Weisberger, Director of the Bristol Holocaust and Genocide Center, by email at

Bristol Holocaust and Genocide Center

The Bristol Holocaust and Genocide Center originated from a need to memorialize the atrocities committed against the people of Jewish descent and others during World War II by the Hitler/Nazi regime, as well as those harmed by genocides throughout history.

While the facts are clear, the Holocaust must never be forgotten.

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