Business Solutions and Partnerships provides the community with career and technical pathways through tailored courses and training for skill development, including a focus on post-pandemic educational and work environments. Supporting private, public, municipal, nonprofit, and educational organizations, Business Solutions and Partnerships provides critical needs assessments for process and staffing improvements, develops and offers trainings for upskilling and customized modules, and supports attaining associated funding to ease the burden on the business community. 

Career & Technical Pathways

Business Solutions and Partnerships, understanding the needs of the private and public sectors as well as the workforce, offer career and technical trainings through a mix of short-term trainings, stackable credentials, and professional development with easy pathways into the college. Importantly, Business Solutions and Partnership programs currently offers virtual and hybrid modalities as well as self-paced and synchronous courses, ensuring the community has easy access to our critical programs and trainings.

Business Solutions and Partnerships Career and Technical Pathways provide the community with access to life-changing career opportunities, whether looking for a new career pathway or advancement opportunities in your current occupation.

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Business Solutions Training 

Business Solutions and Partnerships works in concert with private, public, municipal, nonprofit, and educational organizations in the region to provide business and workforce solutions to meet their ever-changing needs. This program works closely with organizations to support their efforts to be successful in the region, whether it is providing needed skills for employees and its management team, or for organizational and process improvement for increased efficiencies and growth. 

Bristol provides organizations with wrap-around supports through tailored needs assessments, leading to customized training programs to address needs and improvements. The Business Solutions and Partnerships team seeks to increase productivity through these customized training programs for both existing and new employees.

It can be a strain on a company to invest in training, especially before they see the return on this investment from their company and employees. Bristol informs organizations on their eligibility for the Workforce Training Fund Program (WTFP) from the Commonwealth Corporation. The Bristol team partners with Massachusetts businesses to support their efforts to access the available funds from the WTFP, knowing the experience of our team—with over $2.5M in Workforce Training Fund grants to local areas business to help support incumbent worker training and upskilling just in the last five years.

Experienced Bristol professionals provide grant writing and project budget development, business processes and employee professional development assessment, and training program coordination and delivery. In these projects, Bristol offers the company solutions from their assessment with a diverse array of training modules that are customized to the client.

Business Solutions and Partnerships also supports businesses through a partnership with the Adult Education area to provide English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses in the workplace. These courses are contextualized programs to increase employees’ ability to read, write and problem-solve in English. After employee assessments, Bristol can provide programs that are specific to the employee level and needs to be more successful in their position. 

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Business Solutions and Partnerships team:

Angela Johnston, Director, Business Solutions and Partnership

Patricia Barbosa, Associate Director of Business Solutions Trainings

Wendy Sandford, Associate Director, Certified Nursing Assistant Program

Natalie Sousa, Administrative Assistant 1

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For more information on Bristol's commitment to supporting and enriching the region’s economy and the Commonwealth through workforce development strategies, innovative growth initiatives and training, and language skill development, visit Economic and Business Development.