Institutional Assessment: General Education Competency



Our institution's goal is to build narratives demonstrating student learning and competency attainment so that we can ensure (for accreditation purposes and beyond) the quality of programs, enhance our strengths, and improve our practices in ways that meet or exceed educational quality.

In other words, "As a student graduate of Bristol Community College, we can say with confidence (and through evidence), students have attained/demonstrated the knowledge, and skills associated with general education competencies."  Faculty work is critical in achieving this goal.

At Bristol, General Education is a core of courses that helps students strengthen their skills in reading, writing, and mathematics while increasing their awareness and appreciation of historical thinking, important social issues, and the role of languages, literature, science, and the arts in our society.

The Development of General Education Competencies:

  • Internal committee gathered and engaged in the VALUE Institute (formally known as the Multi-State Collaborative Process) which provided guidance and a framework for competency development and assessment.
  • ​The General Education Task Force was developed (under the Institutional Effectiveness Committee) comprising of key stakeholders and representatives of all areas of the college. 
  • Reviewed Bristol’s current competencies and reduced to 10 General Education competencies using the institutions Mission, Vision and Strategic Objectives.
  • Rubrics were provided by the Multi-State Collaborative and grounded in the AAC&U LEAP framework now under The Value Institute.
  • Several rubrics were developed internally to assist in measuring competency attainment with the influence of the VALUE (Formally LEAP) Framework. 
  • Internal committee modified existing competencies to be more representative of Community College graduates.  
  • Student Learning Outcomes were added to all competencies
  • Developed metrics to decide if a course met a competency
  • Review of Competencies and SLOs every 5-years

Listen to “Student Voices: General Education Competencies and the Student Narrative" from Bristol Community College Assessment Day 2021.