Assessment is the most valid way of demonstrating the effectiveness of services, programs, and facilities, especially in defending and promoting higher education, and also in meeting accreditation standards. -Upcraft & Schuh, 2001


  • Mission Statement
  • Goals
  • Program & Student Learning Outcomes

The Goal: Offices outside of Academic Affairs and Student Services have responsibilities that significantly impact the services and operation of a college. Assessment is a vehicle to demonstrate contribution to institutional mission, goals, and strategic objectives. Additionally, offices outside of these two divisions also promote skill development among a diverse set of constituents. Determining the effectiveness and moving beyond satisfaction of services allows for a greater understanding of impact and resource allocation.

Snapshot of Deliverables:

An abridged version of the Instruction Guide.

Instruction Guide:

This document offers a step by step guide “how to” steps to complete year zero deliverables.

Mission Statement Rubric


Sample Deliverables:

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