Operational Department | Hybrid Review Year One

Assessment is the most valid way of demonstrating the effectiveness of services, programs, and facilities, especially in defending and promoting higher education, and also in meeting accreditation standards. -Upcraft & Schuh, 2001


  • Alignment and Mapping
  • Student Learning Outcomes or Ops Assessment Project-Retention & Persistence
  • Collaboration & Communication
  • SMART Goals

Snapshot of Deliverables:

An abridged version of the Instruction Guide.

Instruction Guide:

This document offers a step by step guide “how to” steps to complete year one deliverables.



Mapping Template - Excel Spreadsheet located in Assessment Outside of SSEM.AA Assessment OneDrive folder

Located in Folder:

Assessment Plan Format
CAS General Standards Guide 
CAS Evaluation Instruction & Form 


Sample Deliverables:

Coming soon!