Academic Affairs | Program Review Year One




  • Program Mission Statement
  • Program Goals (optional)
  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Enrollment | Retention | Student Goal Attainment
  • HIPs-A return to Curriculum Maps 
  • Open Education Resources

The Goal: To ensure that program [and discipline] curriculum provides appropriate conditions for student achievement of intended program [and discipline] learning outcomes (Palomba & Banta, 1999).

There are six steps to complete year one of the Program Review. Please reference the Year 1 document for expanded definitions, guidance and resources. 

Snapshot of Deliverables:

An abridged version of the Instruction Guide.

Instruction Guide:

This document offers a step by step guide “how to” steps to complete year one deliverables.


Why College Textbooks Are So Expensive

An Introduction to Open Educational Resources

Enrollment, Persistence & Graduation Data

(Data for the last 3 Academic years - some data may include the current year if available)


Mapping Template 

Dynamic Forms for Curriculum Changes

Data Request Form

Sample Deliverables:

Coming soon!