We must document the significance, value, and contributions student services makes toward the institution’s mission and goals.  In order to accomplish this, building a culture of evidence that demonstrate the learning taking place within the experiences provided becomes a significant aspect of accomplishing better practices to deepen, adjust, and correct if needed, the co-curricular student experience.  We do this by examining the work being done, determining the effectiveness of the work, and the impact it has on student learning. Critical questions to answer by way of evidence:

  • Do the spaces we create for students impact them in ways that contribute to their success?
  • What are students learning (and does the learning align with learning outcomes, division competencies and the institution mission/strategic objectives?

There are four steps to complete year one of the CAS Review. Please reference the Year 1 instructions document for expanded definitions, guidance and resources. 


  • Alignment and Mapping
  • Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Project-Retention & Persistence
  • Collaboration & Communication:
  • SMART Goals

Snapshot of Deliverables:

An abridged version of the Instruction Guide.

Instruction Guide:

This document offers a step by step guide “how to” steps to complete year one deliverables.



Mapping Template - Excel Spreadsheet located in SSEM Assessment OneDrive folder
Assessment Plan Format - Located in SSEM Assessment OneDrive folder
CAS Evaluation Self-Assessment Guide - Located in SSEM Assessment OneDrive Folder

Sample Deliverables:

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