Our institution's goal is to build narratives demonstrating student learning and competency attainment so that we can ensure (for accreditation purposes and beyond) the quality of programs, enhance our strengths, and improve our practices in ways that meet or exceed educational quality. To capture an inclusive experience and improve learning collectively, we must incorporate the contributions provided by the Division of Student Services and Enrollment Management.

We must document the significance, value, and contributions student services make toward the institution’s mission and goals. In order to accomplish this, building a culture of evidence that demonstrates the learning taking place within the experiences provided becomes a significant aspect of accomplishing better practices to deepen, adjust, and correct if needed, the student learning experience. We do this by examining the work being done, determining the effectiveness of the work, and looking at the impact. (Addition) Critical questions to answer by way of evidence:

  • Do the spaces we create for students impact them in ways that contribute to their success?
  • What are students learning (and does the learning align with learning outcomes, division competencies, and the institution's mission/strategic objectives?

Below are the Competencies developed by the Division of Support Services and Enrollment Management

Core Values

  1. Learning  
  2. Community   
  3. Purpose  
  4. Celebration of Individual Differences  
  5. Empathy  
  6. Equity

Division Competencies

  1. Build Connections
    1. Students will identify ways in which they are connected to each other, the college, and their community.
    2. Students will describe the importance of these connections and the impact they have on their experience.
  2. Think Critically
    1. Students will explain problems and issues that impact their student experience.
    2. Students will analyze available options to identify specific solutions that support their goals.
  3. Take Responsibility
    1. Students will recognize that their decisions have an impact on their academic, career, and life goals.
    2. Students will describe alternate actions that would lead to a different outcome in the future.
  4. Advance Equity
    1. Students will recognize the existence of inequity in their community.
    2. Students will describe ways in which they can impact change.
  5. Achieve Goals
    1. Students will identify their strengths to develop academic, career, and life goals.
    2. Students will create and implement plans that lead to goal completion.