Listed below is information to help request student help and assist you in your role as supervisor.

  • Requesting Student Help
  • Pay Rate and Hours
  • Timesheets
  • Supervision, Termination, Evaluation
  • Supervisor Role

Referral, Interview, Hire Process

  1. Positions are posted online.
  2. Eligible students are mailed/given a Referral Form. This form indicates that the student is prequalified for federal work study funding.
  3. Students contact you directly.
  4. You can interview as few/many students as you need to determine your final candidate. Keep in mind that students may be interviewing with others and will often select the first offer received.
  5. Be sure that the students you interview have the Referral Form. The online posting is viewable by the public and, on occasion, a student who has not qualified for funding may contact you. The Referral Form is the tool to determine who is an eligible candidate.
  6. Once you make your final decision, notify all the students you interviewed. 
  7. Provide the name and ID of the student you choose to hire to Rolande Sullivan in the Financial Aid Office.
  8. The student will need to follow the directions on the Referral Form regarding the completion of payroll documents.
  9. You will receive confirmation of the student’s start date once all documents have been received and processed by the Financial Aid Office. The student is not approved to work until you have received this final confirmation.
  10. The Financial Aid Office will complete the Personnel Action Form and forward the documents to the Human Resources Office.
  11. An electronic timesheet will be sent to you by the Payroll Office