To ensure that all individuals in both the college and surrounding community will be able to fully participate in College-sponsored events, please use the access statement graphic on any fliers, posters, calendar events, and RSVP forms needed for in-person or virtual events. Additional information about the access statement may be found in the Bristol Business Services policy. 

For access, contact:
Office of Disability Services

Horizontal Logo

Right click the image and select "Save Image As" and save the file to your desired folder.

JPEG Format 

Bristol Disability Services ODS Logo JPG Image 

PNG Format

Bristol ODS Accessibility Logo 2018 PNG_Image email: phone: 774.357.2955

When to use the Access Statement Logo

  • Any time you are hosting an event at Bristol that is supported by Bristol.
  • Any time you are marketing services provided by Bristol to the campus and/or general community.
  • You can attach the logo to emails, fliers, brochures, and/or posters and adjust the size accordingly.

Why to use the Access Statement Logo

  • To ensure that all participants have the access to events that will allow them to fully participate and engage in campus life.
  • To assist ODS in prioritizing and filling access needs for events based on request.
  • To remind event organizers of the range of participants that may attend and their individualized needs.