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Bristol Attleboro offers extensive Adult Education (AE) programs to the community. This program is free of cost to eligible students, thanks to funding from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Day and night classes, computer access, support systems, High School Equivalency Test preparation, reading, writing and math training, and many other tools AE students need to reach their goals can be found at Bristol Attleboro. Other programs offered to qualified students include the Dislocated Workers Program, as well as many other options.

To inquire about Bristol Attleboro AE, call 774.357.3532. Or learn more about becoming a volunteer at the Attleboro AE. 


The Education Pathway Alternative Youth Program (EPAY) Provides up to 26.5 hours of High School Equivalency Test Instruction, comprehensive counseling, job shadowing/internships, student leadership, tutoring, career readiness and some free High School Equivalency testing and tuition for one-credit college success seminars.

This program is offered in Attleboro for Out-of School Youth who qualify at the Attleboro Career Center.