Flex Start

Bristol offers a selection of Flex Start courses, which begin later than the traditional semester, for qualified new and returning students.

While Flex Start Courses are a great opportunity for students to enroll in Spring 2022 courses, it is best to find out if you are the right fit.

Is the Flex Start program right for me?

Please review the list of details below to see if these courses are right for you.

  1. I am one of the following:
    • New student: I have been admitted to Bristol for the Spring 2022 semester.
    • Returning student: I was previously enrolled at Bristol and missed the January 24 start of full-semester classes.
  2. I am interested in taking the available Flex Start classes.
    Please refer to this schedule to see if you are interested in enrolling in any of these courses available for Spring 2022:
  3. I am prepared to take an Accuplacer placement test.
    This applies to new students only. If you have qualifying placement test scores or are exempt, you won’t have to test again. However, if you haven’t tested, you are required to complete an online Accuplacer placement test so we can place you in the right courses. Learn more about exemptions or sign up for a placement test. You can prepare for testing using our placement test prep materialsPlease note you must complete the testing by Wednesday, February 2.
  4. I have been awarded Financial Aid or I am prepared to pay for my classes.
    As the tuition payment deadline for regular start Spring 2022 courses has passed, you must be prepared to pay for your classes at the time of registration.
  • If you have already been awarded financial aid from Bristol, that’s great! We can apply your award to your courses after you register.
  • If you have filled out a FAFSA or been awarded aid at another institution this year, you can update your application to include Bristol’s school code 002176 to be eligible to receive financial aid at Bristol.
  • If you haven’t applied or are waiting for your package to be completed, you will need to pay for your tuition and fees at the time of registration or enroll in our payment plan. Learn more about ways to pay.
    • The deadline to enroll in the payment plan or make your payment for flex start courses is Thursday, February 10.
  • For questions about Financial Aid, make an appointment here or contact the department directly at 774.357.2515 or FinancialAid@BristolCC.edu.

I am ready to get started!

Now that you’ve reviewed what it takes to enroll in Flex Start courses and have determined this is the right choice for you, let’s get you registered for classes!

New students and re-admits: please complete this interest form and one of our Flex Start team members will reach out to you regarding the next steps.

Returning students: Register for classes as you normally would. Look for flex start courses specifically Spring 2022 Flex Start course offerings, which have a start date of February 7.

Important Dates

Please keep in mind these important dates for the Spring 2022 Flex Start Classes. These dates will help you be prepared for the start of classes.

Friday, January 28: Deadline to apply for admission.

Wednesday, February 2: Deadline for Flex Start Accuplacer Placement Testing.

Monday, February 7: First Day of Flex Start Courses & Deadline for Flex Start Advising.

Monday, February 7: Tuition Payment Due Date for Flex Start.* 

*If your payment or payment plan is not in place by this date, you will be dropped from your classes and unable to re-enroll for Spring 2022 classes.

Courses added after February 7 will not be eligible for inclusion in the student's financial aid award package.