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MA Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative
Paul Correia, Director

Ross Hooley, Coordinator

MA Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative
Bristol Community College
c/o Ross Hooley - E206
777 Elsbree Street
Fall River, MA 02720



MAICEI student at accounts officeWe hope you find the resources included in this section helpful and informative. Each section includes articles, PowerPoint presentations, and recordings of webinars that have been conducted through the MAICEI initiative at Bristol Community College. We strongly encourage students, parents, school teachers, and administrators to also review the Think College website ( Think College is a national organization dedicated to developing, expanding, and improving inclusive higher education options for people with intellectual disabilities.

Click for additional resources from Think College.

Resources for Families and Students

Read: Understanding the Differences Between High School and College.

Inspiring student stories from Think College's Transition Project

Resources for Education Coaches

Read: Developing a Support Plan for College - Article

Watch: Education Coach Training Video Series

Read: Promoting Academic Success through Effective Academic Strategies and Supports
Watch video presentation below:

 MAICEI-Promoting Success Through Strategies-cover image

Read: Student Evaluation Tool

Read: Improving Study Habits

Read: Strategies for Promoting Independence on Campus
Watch video presentation below:

MAICEI-Promoting Independence on Campus-cover image

 Role of Education Coaches in Promoting Self Determination
Watch video presentation below: 

MAICEI-Education Coach and Self Determination-cover image

Think College GRAB & GO Practices

Grab & Go's Grab & Go's
G&G  1: Supporting Life Skills G&G  8: Employer Research
G&G  2: The Path to Independence G&G 8b: Vocational Themes & Employers
G&G  3: Using Apps and Technology G&G  9: Developing Robust IEP Teams
G&G  4: Facilitating Social Connections G&G 10: Developing an Employer Network
G&G  5: Documenting Student Growth G&G 11: Job Development Planning
G&G 5b: Student Evaluation Tool G&G 11b: Customized Development Plan
G&G  6: Discovery G&G 12: Interviews and Observational Tours
G&G  7: Career Exploration G&G 13: Employer Negotiation
  G&G 14: Post Employment Supports

Resources for Schools

Read: Roles and Responsibilities of Partners in MAICEI Partnerships
Watch video presentation below:

Role of Partners in MAICEI Partnerships-cover image

Read: IEP Planning and Progress Monitoring
Watch video presentation below:

MAICEI-Planning and Progress Monitoring video cover

Read: Preparing Students, Staff and Parents for College
Watch video presentation below:

MAICEI-Preparing Students Staff and Parents for College-video cover

Bristol Office of Disability Services

ODS provides support services that enable qualified students with disabilities to participate in the life of the academic community. Read more about ODS HERE.