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Number of Prints Available

The number of prints available to students will depend on the type and number of classes for which they are enrolled. Alumni and community members can request a Guest Card from any Library Learning Commons location to print at the College.

Credit Students Center for Adult Basic Education (ABE) Alumni / Community Members

Enrolled in 6 or more credits:

  • $20.00 in greenPRINT funds per student for each semester
  • Equals 200 black and white prints; less if using color printing

Enrolled in less than 6 credits:

  • $10.00 in greenPRINT funds per student for each semester
  • Equals 100 black and white prints; less if using color printing

For each enrolled academic year:

  • $30.00 in greenPRINT funds per student
  • Equals 300 black and white prints; less if using color printing
The current cost for black and white prints is 15¢ and color prints cost 50¢.

Protecting Your Password

Students are responsible for keeping their user name and password secure and are responsible for all printing using their accounts. If you think your password has been compromised, you should change it immediately. If you need assistance in changing your password, contact the ITS Help Desk at 508.774.3333.

Students are responsible for their computer and greenPRINT accounts. If you forget to log out you will be responsible for any unauthorized printing. Student accounts will automatically log out after 15 minutes of inactivity.” I went to the restroom while I was working and someone used my computer to print.” Students are responsible for their user account and print account. If you leave a computer logged on with your user name you are responsible for the unauthorized printing.

Unusable Pages

If problems occur while printing, such as a printer jam or issues with print quality, users should save the entire print job and report to the circulation desk located in any of the Library Learning Commons.

Number of Pages

First, be very certain of what you are printing before you click on print. You are responsible for the pages printed on your account.


You cannot reprint pages with errors without using your account. Please be sure to proof your work prior to printing a final copy.

Charging Errors

Visit the circulation desk at any Library Learning Commons location. You can fill out a fund adjustment form to request a credit your account. Be sure to remember the date and time the printing happened so we can verify this on your account.

Printing Errors

At most locations, once a job is accepted and released to the printer there in nothing that can be done. If you are in one of the Library Learning Commons locations, the print job is first sent to a release station before charges are incurred and may still be canceled.

greenPrint Funds

The greenPRINT system will not allow you to print a job for which you don’t have enough funds. Be sure to plan ahead and deposit BRISTOL BUCK$ on your account. This can be done at the Student Accounts Office (G) Building in Fall River or online on the Campus Card Portal.

Using greenPrint Funds

  • greenPRINT funds can be used in any one of the College’s computer labs and in the Library Learning Commons location.
  • The goal of the greenPRINT program is to provide students with access to print their academic work. greenPRINT funds cannot be transferred to BRISTOL BUCK$.
  • greenPRINT funds cannot be transferred to another person.
  • greenPRINT funds cannot be used to photocopy at the Library Learning Commons. Bristol Buck$ deposited on your Campus Card or Guest Card can be used.