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Think before you print and spend your greenPRINT funds wisely. There are a number of ways to reduce the amount of paper you print.

  • Print Preview is your friend! Always select File, Print Preview to see just how many pages your document contains. This feature is available in most software packages and Internet browsers.

  • Confirm how many pages you are about to print. Each time you print, you will be notified how many pages you are about to print and how much the print job will cost. Be sure to review this information and if it looks wrong, cancel the print job and go back and review your document.

  • Learn to manage your documents electronically. Invest in an inexpensive portable USB Drive (also called flash or jump drives). Use your drive to store academic work instead of printing a copy each time. Just be sure to keep that drive in a safe place and have a backup copy stored electronically.

  • Avoid printing advertisements. Many websites contain multiple ads on each page and especially at the end of valuable information. Many times the ad will end up printing on a page of its own. Use your mouse to copy and paste the desired information into Microsoft Word prior to printing.

  • Proofread before printing, not after. Try to identify and correct any errors in your document before you send them to the printer. Minimize the number of drafts you need to print.

  • Avoid unnecessary reprinting. If you find an error on just one page of your document or file, print just that page to conserve paper.

  • Don’t mistakenly print multiple copies. If your file appears not to have printed, do not immediately resend it to the printer. If you are unsure about the status of you print job, check with a staff person.

Use These Formatting and Printing Tricks:

  • Always take into consideration the font size/style and margins.
  • Delete extra lines at the end of your document as this could add an extra blank page. When in doubt – Print Preview is your friend!
  • When printing PowerPoint slides to review, always choose 6 slides per page.