Phi Theta Kappa is the only officially recognized international honor society for two-year colleges in the United States and abroad. PTK inspires high achieving students to expand their educational experience beyond the classroom. Its hallmarks of scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship offer a chance to achieve personal goals and give back to the community.  


A PTK membership has many benefits:

  • Access up to $90 million in scholarships for transfer and workforce development.
  • Automatic scholarships for members at certain colleges.
  • Notation of membership on your college transcript.
  • Participation in a community of intellectually curious and motivated students like you.
  • Numerous opportunities to enhance your leadership skills.
  • A chance to network and request personalized letters of recommendation.
  • Recognition during chapter induction ceremony.
  • Opportunity to wear Phi Theta Kappa graduation regalia.


If a student has completed 18 credits at Bristol and has a cumulative GPA of 3.5, they will be invited to become a member. There is a one-time enrollment fee of $70 to secure membership. The Bristol PTK chapter and the national organization offer opportunities for a discounted membership fee to eligible students. Talk to the PTK Advisor, Farah Habib at, for more information.

Membership in PTK does not require additional work. It should not be confused with the Commonwealth Honors Program. Contact the PTK Advisor if you think you may be eligible but have not received an invitation.

One of the main benefits of joining PTK is the vast amount of scholarship opportunities. Whether you are transferring to a four-year institution or entering the workforce, as a member you are invited to apply to regional and national scholarships.

PTK offers scholarships in the fall and spring semesters. 800 four-year colleges provide $46 million in scholarships just for PTK members. The average transfer scholarship offered by these colleges is $2,500 a year. In most cases you will only have to submit one application.

Some local colleges that offer scholarships to PTK students include:

  • Boston College.
  • Boston University.
  • Bryant University.
  • Clark University.
  • Emerson College.
  • Harvard University Extension School.
  • Lasell University.
  • Lesley University.
  • Northeastern University.
  • Regis College.
  • Smith College.
  • Salve Regina University.
  • Suffolk University.
  • University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.
  • University of Massachusetts Lowell.
  • Western New England University.

See more information about PTK transfer scholarships on Bristol's Transfer Services page.

Typically, the deadline to apply is in December for fall scholarships and May for spring scholarships. Be on the lookout for workshops this fall and spring (dates TBD) on how to write the scholarship essay.

Explore Scholarships on the PTK Website or talk to the PTK Advisor to learn about your eligibility.

The PTK club is dedicated to community service, fellowship and raising awareness of the PTK honor society. Meetings are held once or twice a month. You do not have to be a member of the PTK honor society to join.

Club Officers

To be elected in October: 

  • President.
  • Vice President.
  • Recording Secretary.
  • Treasurer.
  • Public Relations Officer.

Check back for exact dates.

  • Fall Scholarship Workshop (November 2023).
  • Spring Scholarship Workshop (Late March/early April 2024).
  • Induction Ceremony (May 2024).