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Throughout each semester, faculty submit a series of forms. Increasingly, these are dynamic forms that are found in AccessBCC. At the start of this faculty guide, a visual chart of action steps including the submission of forms can be found to help better understand when these forms are due throughout your semester and career at Bristol.


To be eligible for tenure, a Bristol full-time professor must have served at least six (6) full years as a unit member, at least three (3) of which have been in their current job function. For more information check section 11.03 of the Day Contract.

Class Cancellation

In the event that faculty needs to cancel a class, the cancellation policy and dynamic form are located here.


At the end of the semester, faculty must submit a student advisement log, known as the E4 form. This is a dynamic form and is submitted to the area dean; it documents the students advised throughout the semester, dates, and the purpose/details of meetings. For the purposes of completing this form, making a note in DegreeWorks can be quite beneficial each time you talk with an advisee.


Within the first couple of weeks of a semester, full-time faculty need to submit an E5 form. This form should be submitted no later than October 15 for the Fall semester and February 15 for the Spring semester. It is a two-part submission form. At the start of the semester, list the college services that are contractually required. At the end of the semester, complete the form stating the contractual college services that were performed throughout the semester. Faculty can also list other non-contractual college service activities performed throughout the semester, as this document remains in the HR file and can be referenced for tenure or other matters of rank and employment.

Professional Development Funds

Bristol Community College has a professional development fund pool available to all faculty members, full-time and adjunct. Proposals are regularly judged by a committee of Bristol faculty and staff. You can find more information, including the Professional Development Funds request form, on the Lash CTL website.


This section of the Faculty Handbook is still under construction. In the meantime, check section 9I in the Day Contract.

Grade Change

In the event that faculty need to make changes to a grade after final grades have closed, there is a dynamic form located here.


The mark of an Incomplete "I" is given to a student if work in a class is unfinished because of illness, accident, or other unavoidable absence. The incomplete grade form is located here along with the incomplete policy at the bottom of the dynamic form.

Online Course Development Form

Once your new online course is accepted, you will need to have your course officially evaluated by the Department of Online Education. You will be assessed along the guidelines of the Online Course Development Checklist, which also includes multiple resources to assist you in your course development.

Room Request Form

This section is under construction, please check back soon.