Pay it Forward Infographic

Whether you are an alumnus, a parent, a friend, or supporter of Bristol, we invite you to participate in our ‘Pay It Forward’ campaign. The concept is simple:  Your gifts today help our students of tomorrow.

No matter the size, every pledge of ongoing support has the potential to make a lasting impact on our students in the future. Plus, by Paying it Forward, we can draw not only on our collective philanthropy but also the power of community to create a tremendous impact on our students for years to come.

Your Pay It Forward gifts will go into our unrestricted Student Scholarship Fund with the goal of ultimately making our institution tuition-free for as many students as possible. Then, as students graduate and move on to careers, our hope is that they, in turn, will commit to long-term annual giving, thus reciprocating the support they received by paying it forward for others.

Please use the form below to Pay It Forward!