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In 1980, Loretta George, a Fall River native and dedicated, visionary community leader who was committed to ensuring equitable access to public education, established the Bristol Community College Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to “obtain financial support to enhance the ability of Bristol to meet the lifelong educational needs of the growing and changing communities it serves.” Ms. George served the Foundation from 1980-2013, establishing a culture of philanthropy as the Founding member of the Foundation.

Today, we honor the memory of Loretta George and her trail blazing spirit through the Loretta George Leadership Giving Society.

By joining today as a member of the Loretta George Leadership Giving Society, you will not only demonstrate your deep commitment to educational excellence but also be entitled to the benefits that have been especially curated for you based on the table below.

Loretta George Leadership Giving Society Added Benefits
Giving Level Level Name Special Recognition in President's Report Free Admission to Paid Campus Events Special Luncheon with the President Personalized Tour of the National Offshore Wind Facility Use of the Grimshaw-Gudewicz Art Gallery for a Special Event for you and up to (qty TBD) of your Guests
$1,000 Leader X        
$2,500 Benefactor X X      
$5,000 Partner X X X    
$10,000 Visionary Circle X X X X  
$25,000 Advocate's Circle X X X X X
$50,000 President's Circle X X X X X

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