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Bristol Community College Police Department
Emergency 774.357.3911
Office: 774.357.2218

777 Elsbree Street
Fall River, MA 02720

In case of emergency, Bristol Community College has developed and tested preparedness measures to best ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff.

Become familiar with these procedures. Emergency preparedness is practiced regularly on all of our campuses to instill best practices in all members of our community. View the Bristol Community College Preparedness Procedures.

Fire Evacuation Procedures

Evacuation routes and assembly areas may change depending on the nature and location of the emergency. Listen to instructions.

  • As soon as the Fire Alarm sounds, exit the building by the safest and most direct route.
  • Follow the red EXIT signs posted in the hallways and classrooms. Each office and classroom has a map with evacuation routes posted.
  • If you suspect a fire is behind a door; cover your hand to provide protection and then test the door by touching it. If it is hot then DO NOT attempt to use the door as an exit. Try to find an alternate route for an exit.
  • Walk without delay, but do not run.
  • Faculty/Staff members will escort any physically challenged person to the nearest stairwell. Remain with that person and send another person who is leaving the building to notify the building’s team leader, Bristol Police or the Fire Department of their location. Fire Department or Bristol Police will assist those individuals in vacating the building.
  • Proceed to an “Evacuation Area” (map).
  • Bring attendance sheet if possible.
  • Turn off all gas and electrical devices.
  • Close all classroom/hallway doors and windows, but leave unlocked for firefighter access.
  • The assigned building team leader must check lavatories and alert occupants.
  • Account for all students when you reach the evacuation zone and notify building team leader if anyone is missing or needs medical attention.
  • Remain at the evacuation zone; DO NOT RE-ENTER the school until authorized by the Fire Department or Bristol Police.

Download Evacuation Procedures

Download Evacuation Areas Map

Lockdown & Shelter In Place

A “lockdown and shelter in place” is declared when a situation calls for securing yourself in a safe place and waiting until a uniformed authority says that it is safe for you to move from the safe place.

Authorities will use BCCalert and other notification systems. Alerts cannot be sent to an individualized campus, therefore all campuses will receive the BCCalert notification. The notice will identify which campus is in lockdown.

When a lockdown/shelter in place is declared:

  1. Move into a sheltered place as safe as possible (a room, an office, an enclosed space – preferably with a door that can be locked).
  2. Lock yourself in. If the door does not lock, barricade doors with furniture.
  3. Move away from all doors and windows and shelter yourself with furniture.
  4. Mute cell phones and turn off lights.
  5. Remain silent while waiting for an “all-clear”.

Please watch this instructional video.

Public Safety Advisory

A Public Safety Advisory is issued as both informational and cautionary, and when there is no known immediate or on-going threat or danger to the college community. 

In general, the College will consider proximity to the campus in making a decision whether circumstances warrant a Public Safety Advisory. The College will also consider the impact of a Public Safety Advisory on the privacy or reputation of individuals involved.

Criteria the College considers in deciding whether to issue a Public Safety Advisory include, but are not limited to: 

  • Pattern of behavior: Bristol may issue a Public Safety Advisory if there is a continuing pattern of behavior, such as vandalism, vagrancy/loitering, attempts to defraud, theft, etc. 
  • Information or reassurance: Bristol may issue a Public Safety Advisory to inform or reassure the community after a threat or danger has passed, particularly if the threat or danger has triggered a Timely Warning or Emergency Notification. 
  • Advance notice: Bristol may issue a Public Safety Advisory in advance of events that might otherwise cause alarm, such as ceremonial gunfire or low-flying aircraft.
  • Broad impact: Bristol may issue a Public Safety Advisory about events with the potential to affect a large segment of the campus community, such as street closures or significant interruption to public transportation.