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Students and staff at College Night

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Workshops and Mock Classes

Program: Liberal Arts – Psychology

Room: L106

Introduce valid personality assessment tools and discriminate from what is available through social media. The "student" will get to complete the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and understand their 4 letter code.

Program: Office of Disability Services and Easter Seals College Navigation

Room: L105

Are you ready for college? Use our College Readiness Checklist to assess your own skills with technology, communication, academics, self-advocacy, and executive functioning. Then check out our resource list that offers tools and information to become more prepared for your college journey.

Program: Experiential Education

Room: L207

Learn about Experiential Education programs at Bristol and the opportunities to connect academic courses with real-world experience.

Program: Life Sciences - Biology

Room: L107

Meet some of the stranger than fiction creatures who call the deep sea home. We'll talk about how these organisms have adapted to the challenges of life in the deep.

Program: Occupational Therapy Assistant

Room: J137

Experience firsthand the transformative power of occupational therapy through interactive demonstrations and real-life scenarios, showcasing how OT interventions enable individuals to regain independence and enhance their quality of life. Join us to witness the holistic approach of occupational therapy professionals in promoting wellness and autonomy.

Program: Business Administration – Accounting

Room: L102

This session offers essential financial insights tailored for incoming business students. Learn practical skills like budgeting, saving, and investing to excel both academically and professionally.

Program: Medical Assistant and EKG Certificates

Room: J133

Join us for an insightful session tailored for admitted students, where we'll delve into the essentials of medical assisting and EKG procedures. Get ready to gain valuable insights and prepare for your exciting journey in the healthcare field.

Program: Criminal Justice Career

Room: E101

Learn how the police solve crimes with fingerprints, DNA and trace evidence. Develop your own fingerprints on paper using magnetic fingerprint powder.

Program: Business Admin Career - Entreprenurship, Business Admin Career - General Management, Business Admin Transfer

Room: L104

Hospitality is in the business of helping people have fun. Companies doing this still must profit, hire quality employees, and be successful. This class focuses on both sides of this coin.

Program: Medical Laboratory Technology

Room: J136

Interested in healthcare or laboratory medicine? Join us for a tour of our state of the art medical laboratory with opportunities to learn about career options in phlebotomy and medical technology and view cells, microorganisms and more under the microscopes!

Program: Financial Aid

Room: L208

How to Pay for College. Sharing the basics of financial aid and the FAFSA process.
Explaining the different types of student aid and answering frequently asked questions.

Program: Nursing

Room: J153

Learn about the scope of services, important impact and contributions of the psychiatric mental health nurse.

Program: Communication

Room: L103

Learn about the impact of "Fake News" on you and our society and what we can do to become well-informed citizens, even if we get our news primarily from social media.