Strategy II: Equity and Student Success

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President's Office

777 Elsbree Street
Fall River, MA 02720



Objective 1:

Advance an inclusive college culture grounded in equity-mindedness.

Define how diversity, equity and inclusion are viewed at Bristol and align with the Dept. of Higher Ed equity agenda to ensure and embed those definitions throughout the institution, including the creation of an institutional "Equity Statement.”

Conduct a diversity, equity and inclusion assessment, including but not limited to focus groups with employees and students to better understand how diversity, equity and inclusion are experienced at Bristol, resulting in an action plan for addressing gaps.

Objective 2:

Recruit, retain and develop a diverse community of employees.

Provide training on unconscious bias, racism, equity and inclusion to all interview committees.

Objective 3:

Increase the student conversion rates, from outreach to enrollment, with specific attention to under-represented groups.

Systematically review and redefine our entire student onboarding process from enrollment to registration and financial aid to ensure that we addressing accessibility and closing equity gaps that may exist in the process.

Objective 4:

Assess existing programs and implement new innovative and evidence-based initiatives geared toward closing equity gaps.

Redefine the process, roles and structures within the key groups on campus already involved in equity work to set goals and work plans for their areas (outreach, SSEM, advising support, HR, Multi-Cultural, Women’s Center, Veterans Center, TRIO, LSAMP, Step-Up to College, etc.).