For violations of the law:

This includes assault, vandalism, alcohol/drug use, stalking or if you just don’t feel safe, call the Campus Police at 774.357.2218.

For accessibility issues:

Contact Bristol’s Title IX Coordinator, Magie Hudson. She may be contacted by telephone at 774.357.3084 or email correspondence at The Human Resources office may be contacted by telephone at 774-357-2195 or email correspondence at

For academic issues:

Start with your professors. If they can’t resolve the problem or if you can’t reach them, make an appointment to see the Dean of the Division in which the course is taught. Not sure who that is or can’t reach the Dean? Call Academic Affairs at 774.357.2185.

For issues involving other students’ conduct:

This includes violations of the college code of conduct and complaints about staff members or other students, contact the Code of Conduct Administrator in G225 or at 774.357.2150.

Most problems can be resolved informally, but there is a formal Student Grievance Procedure. Contact the Vice President for Student Services and Enrollment Management at G225 or 774.357.2150 for more information.

If you believe you have been subjected to discrimination or harassment because of disability status, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, or national origin, you may also submit a complaint online here.