Blackboard Migration and Downtime:

May 18 - 24, 2021

From May 18 to 24, 2021, Bristol Community College will be moving its current version of Blackboard Learn to a “software as a cloud-based service,” commonly referred to as SaaS.

Please be aware that during the migration, all Blackboard services will be temporarily down. During this time, you will NOT be able to log in to Blackboard, nor will you be able to access any of its services.

IMPORTANT: The deadline for Spring 2021 term grade submission is May 17, 2021, one day prior to the planned downtime. 

The migration to a more robust cloud environment will provide better infrastructure and higher quality services for Bristol's Blackboard Learning Management System. The new SaaS version of Blackboard will be much like the one you already use with new enhancements to improve services and allow for continuous upgrades.

Please continue to visit this page for updated information and instructions.

For questions about the May 18 to 24 Blackboard migration and downtime, email Bristol’s CITE Lab at

Frequently Asked Questions and Instructions

What will be impacted during the May 18 to 24 Blackboard downtime?

  • Please note that all Spring 2021 classes end on Friday, May 14, prior to the scheduled downtime.
  • From May 18 to 24, 2021, Bristol’s faculty and students (including the online learning team) will temporarily not be able to access any Blackboard services, such as grades, assignments, discussions, announcements, journals, links or other content.
  • Course publisher materials, independent of Blackboard Learn (Mindtap, McGraw Hill Connect, Pearson, Vista, etc.) will remain accessible and can be shared with students by email by linking directly to the publisher’s materials.
  • Faculty who have students with incomplete grades or requiring additional considerations may consider a 1-week pause during the May 18 to 24 scheduled downtime to allow for these exceptions.

Will the May 18 to 24 Blackboard downtime impact Spring 2021 grade submission? 

  • The Spring 2021 semester grade submission deadline is May 17, 2021, one day prior to the planned downtime and will not impact final grading. 
  • However, during the May 18 to 24 scheduled downtime, Bristol’s online learning faculty will not be able to access Blackboard’s gradebook function. Blackboard’s gradebook function and all other services will be accessible again on May 25. If you need access to the Blackboard gradebook during the downtime, you will need to download your Blackboard gradebook prior to May 18. 

Please view: Instructions how to Backup and Download Your Blackboard Gradebook.

Please view: Instructions for Accessing Your Grades in Banner.

  • Please remind students, prior to May 18, that they can access their final Spring 2021 semester grades on the Bristol Mobile App and in accessBCC during the scheduled downtime. Please continue to visit this page for updated instructions for accessing final grades on the Bristol Mobile App and in accessBCC.

How can I access my final grades during the May 18 to 24 Blackboard downtime? 

  • During the May 18 to 24 Blackboard downtime, Bristol students can access and view their final Spring 2021 semester grades on the Bristol Mobile App and accessBCC.
  • Please view Instructions for accessing your final grades on the Bristol Mobile App, accessBCC or DegreeWorks HERE: How to Check Your Grades

Will the new SaaS Blackboard’s user experience and courses look different following the scheduled migration?

  • The new SaaS Blackboard Learn’s user experience and courses will look the same as the previous Blackboard Learn 9.1 user experience with new enhancements to improve services and allow for continuous upgrades.

Will faculty or students need to change the way they access the new SaaS Blackboard?

  • No, the current Blackboard login page that faculty and students are already using will automatically redirect to the new SaaS environment and require no change.

Will I lose any Blackboard course content during the scheduled Blackboard upgrade and migration? 

  • No, all 2020/2021 Blackboard course content, including student coursework, assignments, discussions, exams/quizzes and grades, will be automatically migrated over to the new SaaS Blackboard system.

Will the “Integrated Tools” continue to work following the upgrade to the new SaaS Blackboard?

  • Yes, the new Saas Blackboard upgrade allows the college to install all building blocks, including custom and homegrown integration. 

Blackboard Migration Workshops - Saving your Gradebook  

The Grade Center is one of the most powerful features you can use in Blackboard. In addition to providing an overview of how the Grade Center works, this workshop will cover how you can back up all student grades to ensure you have a copy of the entire gradebook and all student information. Join us in this one-hour dive into the inner workings of how to save and ensure you have the information you need to remove old courses, or if you encounter a planned system outage and need access to your gradebook. 
Please register for each workshop, using the link below. Once registered, participants will receive a confirmation email invite and information to join the virtual event. 
Register here: 

Monday, May 10: 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. 
Tuesday, May 11: 5 p.m. 
Wednesday, May 12: 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. 
Thursday, May 13: 10 a.m.