Frequently Asked Questions


What is the registration deadline?

Each semester, there is a deadline for class registration. The date is typically posted on the homepage of the Bristol website, Additionally, check your emails for important dates. You must register by this date or you may not be able to get into classes.  

Please plan accordingly. Be sure you have met with your advisor and registered for classes before that date. Don’t forget to get your financial aid in order – which can take 4 to 6 weeks to process.  

The deadline does not apply to dual enrollment or non-credit students, veterans receiving benefits, students utilizing an employee tuition waiver, international students studying on an F1 or F2 Visa, as well as students who are applying to dislocated or unemployed worker programs and who need to be enrolled to meet and maintain eligibility requirements for these programs.


Why is there a deadline?

Creating the last day to register helps set everyone up for success on the first day of classes. Once you have your class schedule in place, you will have time to prepare – like getting your books and, if necessary, complete your financial aid file or set up your payment plan.  


What if I miss the deadline?

You may not be able to register for classes. If you are a new student, you may be able to take a late start class or you can defer your admission to the spring semester. Please note that there is very limited availability for late start classes. Learn more about Late Start here.  


Who is my advisor?

Log on to DegreeWorks through accessBCC to find your assigned advisor.


Can I make changes to my schedule after the deadline?

It may be possible to make changes, but you may not be able to do them on your own. And, remember, class availability will be very limited after the deadline. Check back for updates or connect with the Enrollment Centers for answers to questions you may have. 


When should I complete my financial aid?

Complete your FAFSA and any additional financial aid requirements as soon as possible. Additional documents may be requested to complete your file. You can view a list of requests in accessBCC once your FAFSA has been processed. Processing your Financial Aid can take 4 to 6 weeks from the time all requested documents have been received.  By mid-December, if you have not received an award notification, you are strongly encouraged to set up a payment plan with Student Accounts to hold your schedule while you work to complete your financial aid file.


Who can I contact if I have questions?