Planning a Course

Some issues to consider as you plan your course:

  1. The Basic Writing Portfolio must include at least one typed essay (250+ words) and three other typed pieces of writing (These could include developed paragraphs or other essay-type compositions).
  2. The College Writing Portfolio must contain four essays including at least one essay that integrates research using MLA notation.
  3. No portfolio may have more than one personal narrative essay.
  4. You will probably want to ask your students to submit two copies of all finalized assignments, so that you can write your comments and/or grade on one and keep the other on file for possible submission in their portfolio. You can handle this any way you'd like as long as the copies in each student's portfolio are free of teacher comments. 
  5. In general, students who pass the course, but fail the portfolio assessment will receive an "I" meaning "Incomplete" and be required to rework their portfolio (with tutorial support) in order to receive credit for the course and receive their course grades. However, if this is your first semester submitting portfolios, you may opt for one-time “no stakes” semester, meaning that you will submit portfolios for all of your students, but they will not be subject to the outcome of the assessment.

Need some sample syllabus language for explaining the project?