You love to share your story with friends and family - well here's your chance to share Bristol's story! Bristol Social Media Ambassadors create unique conversations about Bristol and magnify Bristol’s social media presence through the eyes of students, faculty, and staff. Social Media Ambassadors help potential students find information from fellow peers versus Bristol’s official channels.

Becoming a Bristol Social Media Ambassador is not only a fun way to get involved, but it’s also a way to develop new skills for your resume!

The Bristol Social Media Ambassadors help build awareness about the college and key programs through real-time posts and video. They also promote events at the college to help drive participation. How do you do this? By Sharing Bristol posts, using a special #, theme or topic and sharing “A day in the life at Bristol” videos, and photos.


  • Help potential students find information from fellow peers versus Bristol’s official channels.
  • Create unique conversations about Bristol via our key social media outlets.
  • Magnify Bristol social media presence through the eyes of students, faculty, and staff.
  • Help build awareness about the college and key programs.
  • Promote Bristol events to drive participation.
  • Position the college in a positive light and share good news.


Marketing and Communications asks that Social Media Ambassadors agree to the following terms:

  1. Must have at least one existing account on one of the following: Twitter Facebook Instagram.
  2. Follow the official Bristol Community College social media channels.
  3. Be a current faculty or staff member, or student of Bristol Community College.
  4. Identify yourself in your profile as a Bristol faculty, staff or student ambassador.
  5. Make your profile public, or make your Bristol-related posts public.
  6. Use Microsoft Teams Social Media Ambassador Group (faculty & staff or students) as a means to communicate with the Communications Department lead and the group. We will use this as a community hub to share ideas, questions, photos, videos, sneak peeks, and more. Relevant documents or photos will also be included in Microsoft Teams. After we receive your application, you will receive an invite from Marketing and Communications for either Student Social Media Ambassadors Teams or Faculty/Staff Social Media Ambassadors Teams.
  7. Outside of Microsoft Teams group, you must communicate with your Bristol Community College email account.

For the program to be successful Ambassadors must follow three tracks and the following strategies:

  1. Sharing Bristol posts – Share Bristol-related posts with your networks adding your own commentary. You choose what you would like to share and when.
  2. Themed/Topic posts – Marketing and Communications will provide a theme or a topic in the Microsoft Teams group (see below), and you can post something relevant. For example, if the theme is “Favorite spot on campus,” you can post a picture or video of the place you enjoy visiting most at one of our locations. Similarly, if the theme is “finals,” you can post tips, tricks, study habits, etc.
  3. Day in the Life/Lifestyle – Here is where you have the most creative liberty. Show the Bristol community what a typical day looks like for you. This is your opportunity to share your Bristol story. If you’re a student, are you in the library studying for finals? Share a “Bristol day in the life” video, photos or memes! If you’re a faculty member, are you getting ready for a long night of grading essays? Post a snapshot and a caption!

Tag you’re it!

  • Include @BristolCC in every post for easy access.
  • Include the branded hashtag specifically created for ambassadors and engage with other related posts. Here are some ideas:
    • #BayhawkSocial
    • #BristolSocial
    • #BayhawkNation
    • #BayhawkLife
    • #BayhawkLiving
    • #BayhawkReps
    • #BayhawkEDU 

Represent Bristol Community College

As a social media ambassador, it is important to follow the guidelines outlined in the Bristol Community College Social Media Policy. We are currently updating the guidelines.


  • Attend a one-hour overview session to get quick tips on being a social media ambassador.
  • Communicate on the Bristol Social Media Ambassador Teams site with fellow ambassadors.
  • Attend occasional in-person meetings with Marketing and Communications to track progress, ask questions, and network with other Bristol members.
  • At minimum, you should:
    • Post to your social media once a week
    • Share a Bristol post once a week



  • If you have not already – you can apply to be a social media ambassador at: Fill out the application via the Wufoo form.
  • On the application, tell us why you want to become a social media ambassador in 280 characters or less (length of a tweet).