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The dynamic landscape of social media has brought value to the connections we make, the resources we share, the important conversations we have and the communities we build. These communication channels are powerful ways to have open discussions and to engage with one another here at Bristol Community College.

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Connect with us through our official Bristol social channels. Share your Bristol experience by tagging us and using #BristolEXP, #MakeItHappen or #WithinReach!

  • Facebook 
    Audience: Prospective and current students, community, parents, non-traditional students, employees
  • Instagram 
    Audience: Current students, skews younger (18 to 44 years old, with the highest concentration in the 25 to 34 range)
  • Twitter 
    Audience: Prospective and current students, community, parents, non-traditional students
  • LinkedIn 
    Audience: Bristol employees, Bristol alumni, business/corporate community (specifically those in operations, healthcare, education, sales, business and IT)
  • YouTube 
    Audience: Prospective students, current students, Bristol employees, community

See our Social Media Directory for other Bristol pages.

Creating New Bristol Channels

Are you an employee interested in creating a new social media account for a Bristol organization or service?

Questions to ask before getting started

Marketing & Communications is the place to help plan and implement your social media goals. Whether you are just starting off or looking to optimize your current social media channels, we are here to help.

Book a Social Media 1-on-1

As an additional way for our office to support your efforts, we now offer Social Media 1-on-1 meetings with Olivia Robinson, Bristol's Marketing Communications Specialist. 

These virtual sessions are designed to provide a place to ask questions, get assistance with account set up, brainstorm fun ideas, learn about social media or gain feedback from Bristol's social media manager. 

Book a 30-minute Social Media 1-on-1 today! 


Social media is evolving at a rapid pace. It is vital to stay up to date with changes being made to each platform and general best practices. We’ve compiled a list of helpful resources below.