Bristol Staff Senate

Bristol Staff Senate 2019 - 2022

Senate Representation


Email Address

 Mello, Katie

 President/Academic Affairs

 Perez, Luz

 Academic Affairs

 Salve, Gayle


 Pieroni, Laurie 


 Cordeiro, Vasco

 Campus Police

 Antonio, Christen

 Business Solutions & Partnerships 

 Pacheco, Maria 


 DeCoste, Sue

 Fiscal Services

 Nicholson, Ernest

 Information Technology Services

 Sousa, Jennifer

 Vice President/IT Services 

 Viveiros, Linda

 Marketing & Communications

 Vaughan, Nathan

 Secretary/New Bedford

 Marshal, Tinamarie

 New Bedford

 Viera, Nikita

 Student Services & Enrollment Management (SSEM)

 Foley-Peres, Kathleen

 Student Services & Enrollment Management (SSEM)

 Savoy, Shannon


 Senay, Rebekah 


Vacant Staff Senate Seats:

Fiscal Services (1), Campus Police (1), Facilities (1) Part-time (2) , Business Solutions & Partnerships (1) & Learning Commons (2)

Purpose/Mission statement of Staff Senate 

The Bristol Community College Staff Senate shall be known as the Bristol Staff Senate. It shall be comprised of all non-instructional personnel, including Non-unit Confidential, Non-unit classified, and part-time staff. It is the mission of the Staff Senate to allow the staff an active role and involvement in the shared governance of the college in an effort to promote transparency and cooperative interaction among colleagues. 

Functions of Staff Senate 

  • The Staff Senate shall provide for the orderly representation of non-instructional personnel as it pertains to matters outside of the collective bargaining agreement by promoting and facilitating the communication between staff and policy-makers in areas affecting their general welfare and work environment. 
  • It will at all times direct its activities in a positive, constructive manner and commit itself to the betterment of the College.
  • The Senate will provide a medium for the exchange and coordination of information between members of the staff, administration, faculty, and students.  
  • The Senate shall have the authority to make recommendations to the College President and the Board of Trustees on all institutional matters of direct staff concern.  
  • The Senate shall establish such committees as it deems necessary to carry out its functions. 
  • The Senate may consider all matters placed on its agenda by College and Senate committees, by individual staff members, by a Vice President, or by the President of the College.  
  • The Senate receives proposed policies or policy changes from the President for review and recommendations.  
  • Assists in the communication of issues and activities affecting staff members; promotes and facilitates staff participation in the college community.  
  • The Staff Senate will work in collaboration with the Faculty & Professional Staff Senate on matters of direct concern to both faculty and staff on an as needed basis.  
  • Encourages a sense of community among all college employees and the college community by focusing on the educational growth of our students by promoting and fostering an environment centered on learning, understanding and diversity.