AIPD oversees several grants which support the mission of the institution.

Title III Pathways to the Future

Title III Pathways to the Future is a federal grant which supports our General Studies students’ persistence to graduation with an improved First Year Experience.  Initiatives include curricular pathways with High Impact Practices, robust Library Learning Commons, and wraparound services from enrollment to graduation.

Grant amount: $2,248,379
Grant period: 5 years (10/1/2018 to 9/30/2023)

Resilience Grant

The Resilience Grant is a federal grant meant to develop resilience in instructional delivery models.  The two models it primarily supports are dual enrolment and online learning optimization. This is done through increasing the use of technology among faculty and students, fostering engagement, and providing support for online learning.    
Grant amount: $1,514,294 
Grant period: 2 years (8/2/2021 to 8/1/2023)

Grant from Massachusetts Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF)

The purpose of the grant is to fund collaboration between 15 Massachusetts Community Colleges on the design of professional development modules focused on equity. This grant supported two Faculty Fellows.

Grant amount: $5,000 
Grant period: January 2022-June 2022