If You are sick, Have Symptoms, or Have Been Exposed to Someone with Covid-19

Keeping the college community safe should be the priority of everyone who is visiting any of our college locations. If you have any symptoms, we ask that you stay home, fill out the Symptom/Exposure Report Form and check in with Health Services prior to coming to campus.

You can contact Health Services at 774.357.2232 or HealthServices@BristolCC.edu

Do you need an at home test kit? The college has a free at home test kit available for students and employees. COVID-19 rapid tests and masks are available at all Bristol locations. See specific locations at the bottom of this page.

Keep in mind that a negative home test does not necessarily mean you do not have COVID-19 since there can be false negatives. Health Services may advise that you get a PCR test.



If you Test Positive for COVID-19

Complete the Symptom/Exposure Report Form.

Do NOT come to campus until you speak with someone in Health Services. Call 774.357.2232 or email HealthServices@BristolcCC.edu.

It is important that you contact Bristol’s Health Services immediately if you have tested positive for COVID-19. Remember, your safety and privacy are a top priority. Students/Employees should not reach out directly to faculty or supervisors about their COVID-19 diagnosis. You can reach out to let them know you will not be at work or in class without providing specific information about your private health matters. 

If you are a Close Contact* of Someone who Tested Positive for COVID-19:

  • If you do NOT have any symptoms, whether vaccinated or not, you may come to campus, but we recommend that you get a PCR test 3-5 days following the day of your exposure and call Health Services at 774.357.2232 for further instructions.
  • If you have ANY symptoms, whether vaccinated or not, please stay home, fill out the Symptom/Exposure Report Form and call Health Services at 774.357.2232.

*A close contact means that you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive to COVID-19.

Self Screening & Certification

Employees and students shall self-monitor their health status daily prior to reporting to work or class at any Bristol location. If they have any symptoms, they should fill out the Symptoms and Exposure Form and should call Health Services to discuss their symptoms and advise on whether it is safe to come to campus. According to CDC guidance, potential COVID-19 symptoms include, but may not be limited to

  • Headache
  • Fever or chills
  • New cough (not related to a chronic condition)
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle aches or weakness
  • Sore throat
  • New nasal or sinus congestion or runny nose (not related to seasonal allergies)
  • New loss of smell or taste
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

COVID-19 Rapid Tests and Masks are Available at all Bristol Locations Listed Below

Attleboro Campus
Main Office  
11 Field Road 
Fall River Campus 
Campus Police Department   
D110, Hudnall Administration Building (D building) 
Health Services Center  
E104, Thomas A. Rodgers Jr. Science Building (E building) 
New Bedford Campus 
Main Office  
800 Purchase Street 
Taunton Center 
Main Office  
2 Hamilton Street

For more information, please contact Bristol Community College Health Services by email at HealthServices@BristolCC.edu or call 774.357.2232.