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Bristol-green student senate logoThe Student Senate is the student governmental body that meets once a week and represents and addresses student concerns within the structure of the College governance. They prepare the annual budget for student activities and organizations, approve new organizations, and evaluate the activities of established ones.

The term of each Senator is up to 4 semesters. To be eligible to run for the Senate, a student must be in good academic standing, maintain satisfactory academic progress, and currently be enrolled in classes. In addition, Senators are required to hold office hours so they are available to the student body.

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Every student at Bristol is a member of the Student Senate

The Student Senate is committed to promoting and protecting the rights of students and articulating student voices for advancing action and change. We shall use our collective voice to take an active role in affecting the College’s policies and priorities.

Student Senate:

  • Represents student interests.
  • Establishes and oversees all student organizations.
  • Acts as a liaison between the student body, the college administration, and the Board of Trustees.

What the Student Senate is Responsible for:

  1. Encourages the creation of an atmosphere suitable for intellectual and social growth for students as they participate in the affairs of the college. 
  2. To allocate the revenues generated by Student Activity Fees in a manner consistent with procedures established by the Board of Higher Education and the President of Bristol Community College. 
  3. To give advice and counsel the leadership of Bristol on matters related to the development or improvement of services, policies and procedures at the College. 
  4. To represent the student body by engaging in cooperative ventures and negotiations with representatives of the faculty and administration.
  5. To assess and/or provide for the educational, recreational, social, cultural, and other needs of the students when such actions would tend to facilitate the attainment of their educational goals.

Find the full Student Senate Constitution here: Student Senate Constitution‌.

Bristol Student Senate Proposal Form

The Student Senate Proposal form is meant to assist students in presenting information for consideration by the Student Senate. It is not mandatory that students use this form; however, it is highly recommended that students use this form. In order to get your proposal into the New Business section of the Student Senate agenda, please submit your proposal at least 24 hours before the next Student Senate meeting.

Make Change Happen!

Student Senate hosts meetings where students can voice concerns, comments, and suggestions; and have a platform where students can submit official proposal for a university-wide change.

Click here to find all upcoming Student Senate meetings and the Student Senate Proposal Form!

Student Senate Elected Positions

student senate org chart

Student Senate Elections

Student Senate elections take place in both the spring and the fall semesters. All seats, with the exception of President and Vice President, are open to all enrolled Bristol Community College students, regardless of your participation with Senate in the past.

  • Spring Elections include Executive Board Positions and Two Senator Seats.
  • Fall Elections include Two Senator Seats, Campus Coordinators, and any seats that were not filled in the fall.