Have you ever considered the journey that your favorite products take from their production to arriving in our homes?

Supply chain management professionals develop strong business relationships with suppliers and related parties to ensure that a company does not run out of its stock of products or raw materials. These crucial roles also support companies to make balanced cost-saving decisions and maximize their profit. As a result, global demand for supply chain management professionals continues to grow across numerous fields, including retail superstores, restaurants, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, offshore wind and renewable energy.

Bristol Community College’s innovative, new supply chain management certificate program provides critical knowledge in the core areas of supply relationship management, logistics, inventory management, global supply chain and warehousing, to support students in acquiring current, industry-relevant skills and well-paying careers. Free supply chain courses in the offshore wind industry have also been made possible through a Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (CEC) Grant with Bristol and UMass Dartmouth. The courses can be completed in two semesters including a paid internship.

The college is dedicated to being a hub for developing world-class supply chain management professionals in addition to connecting with trusted local, national, and global networks of professional institutions.

For more information about Bristol Community College’s Supply Chain Management certificate program, please visit www.BristolCC.edu or email Chukwuneke.Okorie@BristolCC.edu; Vidyanidhi.Rege@BristolCC.edu.