Vaccine Statement from the CONNECT Partnership

Please see the statement issued by the CONNECT Partnership, including President of Bristol Community College Laura L. Douglas, encouraging our communities to get the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible.

Below is the statement issued by the CONNECT Partnership:

May 7, 2021

The CONNECT Partnership, which includes six colleges and universities – Bridgewater State University, Bristol Community College, Cape Cod Community College, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Massasoit Community College and the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth – serves a total of 42,570 students across Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod and is one of the largest employers in the region

In a united message, the leaders of the CONNECT Partnership institutions have issued this statement strongly encouraging their students, faculty and staff to take the vaccine protecting the community against COVID-19.

In an effort to provide for the health and safety of our college communities Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Codwe unanimously encourage our students, faculty and staff to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

These vaccines have been proven to be highly effective at preventing COVID-19For our students, faculty and staff, getting the vaccine means that there will be more on-campus activity and those who are at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19 will be safer. The sooner everyone gets the vaccine, the sooner our colleges and universities can return to normal operations with more face-to-face instruction and services, educational and social activities, research and athletics.

All adults are eligible to receive the vaccine in the Commonwealth of MassachusettsWe strongly encourage our students, faculty and staff to register today for a COVID-19 vaccine at one of the mass vaccination sites. You may also use Vaxfinder at or contact your local pharmacy for appointments.

Here are a few things to consider: 

  1. The vaccination is free and available to all. You do not need to show proof of health insurance to get the vaccine.  
  1. If you are traveling away from the region at the end of the term, please consider becoming vaccinated before you leave Massachusetts to minimize carrying the virus to other parts of the nation or world. 
  1. Beyond keeping your family and community safe, there are benefits to being fully vaccinatedsuch as being able to visit other people who have been fully vaccinated and not having to follow the Massachusetts travel advisory.   
  1. COVID-19 vaccines are held to the same safety standards as all other vaccines. You may have some side effects, which are normal signs that your body is building immunity to the virus  
  1. You will serve as a role model and can positively influence the vaccination decisions of family, friends, colleagues and co-workers.  

After vaccination, it is important that you continue to follow federal and state guidance to protect yourself and others, including wearing a mask, staying at least six feet away from others, avoiding crowds, and washing your hands often.

The more people who get vaccinated, the more likely we will reach herd immunity and get back to our pre-pandemic lives. We thank you for doing your part to keep our colleges and universities as safe as possible. As our campuses prepare for summer and fall operations, we aim to provide you with extraordinary in-person experiences.

CONNECT is a partnership of the six public higher education institutions in Southeastern Massachusetts: Bridgewater State University, Bristol Community College, Cape Cod Community College, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Massasoit Community College, and the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Established in 2003, CONNECT has two primary goals: to improve the quality, accessibility, and affordability of higher education; and to advance the economic, educational and cultural life of Southeastern Massachusetts. CONNECT realizes its mission by focusing on four major areas, with activities and initiatives that enhance academic programs and ease transfer of students among the institutions; foster economic development through the region; promote cultural programs and projects; and share expertise and resources. The executive officers of the CONNECT institutions act cooperatively to strengthen their institutional missions and to enrich the life of the region.

If you would like more information about this initiative, please contact Stacey A. Kaminski, Ed.D., executive director of the CONNECT Partnership at 508-531-1440 or via email at