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What is project management?

  • A project is a temporary endeavor that has a singular mission – to deliver a product or service to a customer or organization.
  • Project Management is the discipline that provides the processes to make that mission successful.
  • Project Managers are people trained in that discipline and whose sole purpose is to manage the project from inception to conclusion on time, on budget, and with minimal disruption.

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What industries use project management professionals?

Project Management is a fast-growing sector in the job market and is utilized in a variety of different fields. Below are just a handful to consider:

• Energy Sector • Information Technology
• Healthcare • Engineering
• Finance & Banking • Manufacturing
• Education • Construction

Job growth potential

The Project Management Institute estimated 1.57 million new project management jobs annually, through 2020 and beyond.

As company executives and entrepreneurs deal with the daily responsibilities of managing the business, the importance of hiring dedicated project managers to oversee efforts from conception to completion is becoming a fast-growing field. And, companies looking to hire want Certified Project Managers. Get well-paying jobs that make an impact!

Are you prepared to meet the complex logistical and technical requirements that many of today's projects demand? Set yourself apart. "Being a Certified Associate in Project Management distinguishes you in the job market and enhances your credibility and effectiveness working on - or with - project teams." -PMI

What you will learn 

The curriculum provides a framework of leadership principles with project management strategies and skills that are needed by successful project managers in any organization.

You will learn everything from the foundations to advanced project management concepts. The curriculum includes: 

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Engaging With the Stakeholders
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Project Scope, Resource, Cost & Time Management
  • Project Risks, Changes, and Quality Management

This program is designed to prepare graduates to manage and lead project teams across a spectrum of business areas. Upon completion of the program, you will acquire the tools and techniques to enhance your project management skills, earn a Certificate in Project Management and be prepared to sit for the Certified Associate in Project Management exam (CAPM).

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