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Library Learning Commons

777 Elsbree Street
Fall River, MA 02720



We can help your students: Our writing tutors are trained to work with students on a variety of writing assignments beyond the traditional academic essay. We help them to transfer the skills that they have acquired in their composition courses to the writing that they are doing in their disciplines. We are happy to help them at any stage of the writing process.

We do not do the work for them: We do offer them suggestions for how they can improve their writing. When students need support with their grammar, we will teach them how to edit their work for whatever errors they are making. However, we do not do the editing for them. Our goal is to help them to become better writers. Just fixing the mistakes will not help us to accomplish that goal.

We have resources that you can embed in your course space: We have an assortment of up to date handouts on genres of writing, citation styles, and grammar. You can access those handouts here. We are also always looking to create new handouts that will benefit your students. Do you have any suggestions for new handouts? If so, you can contact the Writing Center Coordinator here.

We can come to your class too: We are also available to come to your classes virtually to inform your students about our services as well as to conduct full-length workshops. Here is the current list of workshops that we offer:

  • Intro to the Writing Center: This 20-minute presentation via Zoom introduces students to our services. It explains how/why students should work with our tutors, how to make an appointment, and what they can expect from a tutoring session. This presentation also provides an overview of the Learning Commons in general.
  • Paraphrasing and the APA format: This 20-minute presentation via Zoom explains the difference between quoting, fair paraphrasing, and patchworking. Students are shown how to cite a source, both in-text and on the Reference page, according to APA format.
  • Starting Your Research Paper: This 60-minute presentation prepares students for writing a research paper. Students are shown how to critically review an assignment sheet, identify what they know about their topic, form research partnerships, and brainstorm questions and keywords for conducting library research. We ask that you have reviewed your research assignment with your students prior to this workshop. We recommend that you schedule this workshop during the class period before a library research orientation.
  • Embedded Writing Specialist: This option will allow a Writing Center tutor to be embedded in your course space for a set period of time. The tutor hosts a discussion board where students are required to submit a segment of a paper for feedback. This is done asynchronously within your course space. The maximum amount of time the tutor can be embedded is 3 weeks; they do not need to be sequential. Limited slots available.

Interested in any of these workshops? If so, you can contact the Writing Center Coordinator here.

We can help you too: The Writing Center is available to assist you with your writing. If you are working on an article for a journal or would like feedback on constructing an assignment sheet, our tutors are happy to offer you their expertise.

You can help us too: By sharing your assignment sheets and rubrics with us, we can prepare ahead of time to work with your students. Likewise, sending us any samples, online or otherwise, that you let your students use helps us to better understand your expectations. We also welcome you to come to one of our staff meetings to tell us about an upcoming writing project that your students will be completing. Please feel free to email the Writing Center Coordinator with anything you would like to share with us.