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2022 Experiential Education Showcase

Watch a recording of the May 19 Showcase below.

Experiential Education Center (EEC) Spotlights


Keynote SpotlightDr Matthew Roy

Dr. Matthew Roy, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Career & Civic Engagement, UMass Dartmouth

A highlight from Dr. Roy's presentation:

“Experiential learning changed my life! It helped me to realize that my education does not reside on a piece of paper or in the letters after my name. It is not meant to be locked away in an ivory tower. Learning is meant to be shared with the broader community. Education is meant to be used to make this world a tiny bit better for all. Thank you Bristol Community College for starting me on this journey!”


Community-Based Learning Student SpotlightAmy Melody

Amy Melody ’21, Hospitality Management – Event Management

Community-Based Learning Class: HOS 121: Introduction to Travel, Tourism and Hospitality
Community-Based Project Site: Creative Arts Network Fall River (CAN)
Semester/Year: Fall 2021


Here’s what Amy had to say about her experience:

“Learning how to manage my time and adapt to real-world scenarios was something the community-based learning course gave to me which no standard course could. I still reflect on things I learned during this course in my daily life."

Community-Based Learning Student SpotlightSadye Clark

Sadye Clark, Psychology

Community-Based Learning Class: HON 260: Culminating Honors Project
Community-Based Learning Project Site: YMCA & Prison Yoga Project
Semester/Year: Fall 2021


Here’s what Sadye had to say about her experience:

"I cannot emphasize enough the things you will learn in this community-based learning course. But if I had to pick my biggest takeaways they would be:

  • How I was able to critically look at myself and discover my strengths and how to emphasize them.
  • And also to work with diverse personalities​, using their unique backgrounds and experiences to create stronger and more inclusive solutions.
  • The Service project was a really cool way to get out in the real world and learn something, a lot different than just sitting around in a classroom talking about it. This course gives you hands-on experience, a chance to see what it's actually like out there.
  • But most of all, I learned to look at problems through a larger-than-me lens​ and dig deeper than just surface level"

Community-Based Learning Student SpotlightEsha Boyd

Esha Boyd, Human Services

Community-Based Learning Class: HON 260: Culminating Honors Project
Community-Based Learning Project Site: AmeriCorp/P.A.C.E
Semester/Year: Fall 2021


Here’s what Esha had to say about her experience:

"The community-based learning course was a great foundation to gaining work experience while working in your field. I learned a variety of theories and concepts and how to effectively work within a system, and because of all these tools, I had a great deal of confidence in my workplace.”

Internship Program Student SpotlightDavid Castles

David Castles, Engineering Tech (Environmental), Sustainable Agriculture

Internship Site: Westport Land Conservation Trust (WLCT)
Internship Semester/Year: Spring 2022


Here’s what David had to say about his experience:

“Internships are a rewarding and fulfilling journey to take while you’re still in school. From the connections you make to the hard work you do; it feels good at the end of each day.

There was also an internship class that went along with the hours I did at Westport land trust, what I really appreciated from start to finish was the supportive staff located in the EEC at Bristol. They were there for me from resume building, to helping me securing an internship, and in the class the instructor was really good about helping us students stay on track over the semester.”

Internship Program Student SpotlightCorissa Gaboriau

Corissa Gaboriau, Office Administration

Internship Site: RE/MAX
Internship Semester/Year: Spring 2022


Here’s what Corissa had to say about her experience:

“I would highly recommend that other Bristol students take advantage of participating in the internship program before taking on a job in their field of interest, giving yourself time to “test the waters.” My advice to anyone who does choose to participate in the internship program is that they must do their research about the organization and understand what their company mission is to make sure it’s a good fit. Similar to my situation you will have the ability to develop written and oral communication skills and knowing how to handle situations that could arise within your field interest or in the organization of your choice. Take in each moment to learn that each decision you make will lead to the next one.”

Internship Program Student SpotlightKen Matias

Kenneth Matias, Communications

Internship Site: WCVB/Channel 5 Boston
Internship Semester/Year: Spring 2022


Here’s what Ken had to say about his experience:

“My tips for success are that you need to be organized, develop a schedule, show passion, connect with coworkers, and ask questions. It is especially important you do all these key things during your time at the internship site to stand out.”

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