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Experiential Education Center (EEC) Spotlights


Partner SpotlightWendy Garf-Lipp

Wendy Garf-Lipp
Executive Director, United Neighbors of Fall River​

Mission Statement: United Neighbors of Fall River is committed to promoting a strong, healthy, and safe community that assists families in the promotion of peace and tranquility, optimum growth and development of our children, and secure and stable family environments. ​

Wendy joined EEC’s Spring 2021 Facebook Live Series to discuss the impact of hands-on learning from an organization’s perspective. Wendy has hosted Bristol students in service-learning projects and internship opportunities.

A highlight from our chat with Wendy:

Question: What are the benefits to a student that engages in a service-learning class or internship before graduating from Bristol?

Wendy’s Answer: "When you volunteer or intern at a place, you have this networking ability to connect with all the different people that I'm connecting to inside and outside of the organization. I'm connecting with the movers and shakers in the community and you get to be part of that and make a name for yourself. So when you come back after your education is complete, people say "Oh yeah, I remember you" and all of a sudden you have a foot in the door that other people don't have."

To learn more about United Neighbors of Fall River, the impact of hands-on learning and organization success, hear from Wendy in EEC’s Facebook Live video below:

Service-Learning Student SpotlightMike Henderson-Perry

Mike Henderson-Perry, Liberal Arts Major

Service-Learning Class: Honors Seminar in Community Leadership
Service-Learning Project Site: Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA)
Semester/Year: Fall 2020 

Mike joined EEC’s Fall 2020 Facebook Live Series to discuss the impact participating in a service-learning class at Bristol had on his career path.

Here’s what he had to say about his experience:

“I’m far more self-assured because of this experience. I have a better understanding of what it means to be conscious of oneself, and congruent with one’s own values. The application of this knowledge will continue to be valuable in the context of my project, but it has spurred an independent personal growth that I’m really proud of, too. My favorite thing about that kind of growth is how it follows you. It’s good to know that, because of the learning I’ve done in this course, I’ll be a better and more dependable teammate in my future work. "

To learn more from Mike, watch EEC’s Facebook Live video below:

Service-Learning Student SpotlightJonathan Tonin

Jonathan Tonin ‘21, Liberal Arts & Science Major

Service-Learning Class: PSY 295-Honor’s Seminar in Community Leadership
Service Project Site: Bristol’s Mobile Food Market
Semester/Year: Fall 2020
Service Project Details: Jonathan's Service-Learning project addressed food insecurity in the community during the COVID-19 pandemic through state-level advocacy and distributing much-needed food and resources at the Bristol Community College Mobile Food Market.

Here’s what Jonathan had to say about his experience:

"Handling a sensitive topic such as food insecurity has been a challenging but rewarding experience! I have been able to acquire so much knowledge about the topic; understanding the causes and effects of food scarcity, leading my attention towards ways to combat food insecurity, such as participating in local food banks, donations/charity events as well as raising awareness amongst our communities. The project was a complete success, resulting in such an enriching experience in both a personal and professional level, and I am eternally grateful for having the opportunity to contribute in any way in the fight against food insecurity"

Internship Program Student SpotlightDakota Chixarro

Dakota Chixarro ’21, Criminal Justice Major

Internship Site: New Bedford Police Department
Semester/Year: Spring 2021

Here’s what Dakota had to say about his experience:

"I had an amazing experience in this internship, from meeting with victims, processing emergency restraining orders, and even scrambling to finish paperwork on time on busy nights. In this position, I learned a lot about myself as a worker, and further strengthened my skills in time management, decision making, and communication.”

Dakota’s Internship Project
Dakota Chixarro internship infographic
-click for full infographic

Internship Program Student SpotlightSara Archambault_bio pic

Sara Archambault ‘21, Business Administration Major

Internship Site: Bristol's Experiential Education Center (EEC) 
Semester/Year: Summer 2020

Here’s what Sara had to say about her experience:

“My internship gave me firsthand experience of what my field of work is like and helped me confirm my career. Working in my field allowed me to see how well I perform and my overall career fit. I got an introduction of the type of work that’s done, so now I know what to expect when I pursue similar jobs. The class portion was really insightful. I had to complete self-assessments, personality assessments, occupational research, and other assignments that really helped me learn my strengths as a worker, my workplace values, and what my career field entails.”

Sara joined EEC’s Fall 2020 Facebook Live Series to discuss the impact participating in Bristol’s Internship Program had on her career path. To learn more from Sara, watch EEC’s Facebook Live video below:

Service-Learning and Internship Student SpotlightAndrew Lacouture

Andrew Lacouture ‘19, Business Administration Major

Service-Learning Class: Principals of Marketing
Service Project Site: Public Higher Education Network of Massachusetts (PHENOM)
Service Project Details: Review union contracts, identify negotiating team members, schedule and structure group meetings, and verbal union representation at the bargaining table. ​

Internship Site: Norman, Graham & Digangi
Semester/Year: Spring 2019

Andrew joined EEC’s Spring 2021 Facebook Live Series to discuss the impact that participating in Bristol’s Service-Learning and Internship Program had on his career path.

A highlight from our chat with Andrew:

Question: What skills did you gain from your Service-Learning project?

Andrew’s Answer: "Communication and teamwork were definitely skills I improved on greatly due to my service project. We completed our project successfully by effectively communicating with classmates. We developed a strong plan of action that helped PHENOM increase awareness of its mission on campus. These are skills I still use today in the workplace and during school projects."

Question: Did your internship influence your career path?

Andrew’s Answer: "My internship gave me valuable clarification on the direction I wanted to go professionally. It made me realize that I didn't want to be a tax accountant, which was fine. Especially as a student, I didn't know what I wanted out of my professional career but the internship program really helped me focus and refine what I wanted out of my life. It continues to benefit me today as the valuable soft skills I learned in my internship are still with me."

To learn more about Andrew’s service project and the impact hands-on learning had on his career path, hear from Andrew in EEC’s Facebook Live video below:

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