Strategic Analytics developed a variety of Tableau dashboards to support Bristol’s mission of providing an accessible, innovative, and inclusive education that prepares students to succeed in our ever-changing world. These Student Success and Achievement Dashboards are based on a definition of student success and achievement that not only focuses on metrics that track the student lifecycle from enrollment through degree completion, but also strives to provide insight into student engagement, personal fulfillment, as well as academic and career development after Bristol. The dashboards are public to ensure that all members of the college community are empowered to use this information to inform their personal decisions and professional work. Most dashboards also provide demographic information to allow the metrics to be analyzed through an equity lens.

To assist with dashboard navigation, many dashboards have links to brief YouTube tutorials that provide an overview of the dashboard. The button that will bring you to these tutorials can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of the dashboard. As you explore the dashboards, please note that there are several tabs at the top of each dashboard that provide different visualizations. The top of each tab also provides instructions regarding how you can navigate each visualization. Strategic Analytics is in the process of making sure all individuals are able to access the visualizations on this webpage. If you are unable to access our dashboards or have questions, please contact Jade Vieira, Assistant Director of Strategic Analytics, at

Available Dashboards