Living Bristol's Land Acknowledgment

A Land Acknowledgment helps raise awareness about the history of the United States and the resilience of today’s Indigenous communities. Bristol’s Land Acknowledgment, guided by the Equity and Inclusion Council, was created in consultation with historians, Bristol Honors students and the Wampanoag community. The Acknowledgment serves as an invitation to students, employees and the community to think more critically and behave more responsibly—towards the environment and each other—recognizing that today’s decisions impact future generations. This past fall, the council—in collaboration with Bristol’s Holocaust and Genocide Center— hosted Wampanoag educator Linda Coombs and social-issue documentarian Adam Mazo in a screening of the Emmy® Award-winning documentary of “Dawnland.” “Dawnland” shows how genocidal policies contribute to intergenerational trauma—threatening cultural survival. Decolonization work begins by listening and coming together. The council is proud to highlight stories that promote peace in turbulent times.


Land Acknowledgment

Bristol Community College acknowledges that the locations on which we teach, learn and connect are situated on the ancestral territory of the Wampanoag Tribal Nation who has lived here for millennia — protecting and stewarding the land and waterways — well before the arrival of colonial settlers over 400 years ago. We support your efforts to learn more about the Wampanoag people and all our Indigenous neighbors. As an engaged institution of higher education, we commit to hiring practices, programs and culturally accurate curricula that uplift Indigenous cultures and voices in our communities.