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‌Career Services at Bristol Community College is dedicated to educating and empowering you throughout the career development process.

We understand that the creation of career plans directly contributes to individuals achieving their professional goals. Through individualized counseling, workshops, and career and opportunity programming, we educate and advise students and alumni on how to effectively translate their education into fulfilling professional experiences. By cultivating partnerships with employers and providing strategies to search for jobs and opportunities, we support the development of professional skills for career success.

Bristol Career Services will help you:

  • Establish and clarify career objectives 
  • Formulate a job search strategy 
  • Connect with networking opportunities 
  • Cultivate and maintain partnerships with employers


Students and Spouses: Quiearna DeGrace & Derrick Smith

Quiearna DeGrace and Derrick Smith

"We would like to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude for the support and kindness [Elizabeth has] shown over the last couple of years. [Her] assistance has inspired us to continue and be better, [her] encouragement has helped us to achieve our academic and personal goals, and [her] amazing personality keeps us feeling comfortable to come back when we feel stuck, undecided, or need an extra voice of advice. Thanks to [her] support on numerous occasions, it’s made a huge difference in our education and personal growth, and we are grateful to have [her] as a part of our journey."

Student: Heather Tripp

Heather Tripp

"I wanted to express my gratitude for being in the Parenting Pathways Program and having [Elizabeth] as a mentor. The program offered many workshops and programs, such as the Leadership Program. That were informative and life teaching. It helped me with personal growth, helped with self-identity, and other struggles a single parent may struggle with. It was nice to see, we are all in this life together and we all have some of the same challenges and some differences. I felt we all learned a lot from one another. Again, I couldn't have had a better mentor. You were one of my highest supporters."

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