Bristol Community College announces 2020 Commonwealth of Massachusetts Performance Recognition Program Recipients

Bristol Community College is proud to announce its recipients of the 2020 Commonwealth of Massachusetts Performance Recognition Program, formally recognizing Massachusetts state employees for their extraordinary contributions to public service. Bristol’s employees, or groups of employees, were nominated for recognition of their achievements toward the goals of the college and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 
The annual program highlights Bristol employees who exhibit exemplary leadership of high priority college or state objectives and/or accomplish exceptional managerial, organizational and/or communication achievements. The program also honors the achievement of significant improvements in productivity and/or cost savings in college or state operations. 
Bristol Community College 2020 Commonwealth of Massachusetts Performance Recognition Program Recipients 
Group Recipients 
Bristol Community College Facilities and Business Services 
Richard Andrade, Sidnalva Botelho, Joshua Boutin, Joshua Brewer, Richard Boyer, Richard Couto, Tyler Coyne, Jose DaSilva, Joseph Dumais, Ernest Dupuis, Henry Lavoie, Benjamin Lefevre, Christopher Leverault, James Luiz, Rhonda Magnuski, Justin McCann, Matthew McHenry, Dana Norman, Kenneth Novo, Maria Pacheco, Carlos Pereira, Jose Pereira, Joseph Pereira, Brian Pires, Michael Rodrigues, Tyler Silva, Thomas Souza, Mark Strycharz, Paul Valton 
Bristol Community College Campus Police 
Baxter Smith, Robert Plummer, Vasco Cordeiro, Garrett Nelson, Samantha Maguire, Maria Silva, Ralph Desjardins, Christopher Cox, Geraldine DeMelo, Maggie Noversa 
Bristol Community College Student and Family Engagement 
Emma Montague, Michael Fox, Maurice Cyr, Amy Blanchette 
Bristol Community College Multicultural Student Center 
Robert Delaleu and Melissa Rogers 
A More Perfect Union: Bristol Stands Against Hate Colloquium on Understanding (event series) 
Farah Habib, Denise DiMarzio, Emily Brown, Howard Tinberg, Ronald Weisberger 
Individual Recipient 
Andrea Fortier, Director of Marketing, Bristol Community College 
For more information about the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Performance Recognition Program, please click here.