Bristol Community College Nursing Program ranked 4th out of the 10 Best Schools in Massachusetts for Registered Nursing Programs

Bristol Community College is proud to announce that the college’s nursing program has recently been ranked 4th out of the 10 Best Schools in Massachusetts for Registered Nursing (ADN/ASN) Programs by Nursing Process.

The ranking highlighted the program’s flexibility to take either on-campus classes or decide on the hybrid (online) mode of delivery, as well as options for Bristol students to further their education with transfer agreements to colleges and universities across the state.

Based on its ranking methodologyNursing Process closely evaluated 50 Nursing schools across Massachusetts, to come up with its list of the best schools for an associate degree program in nursing. Schools were ranked by indicators identified as important in defining a nursing student's preparedness for success, including academic quality, NCLEX-RN First Time Pass Rates*, affordability and the nursing school's reputation. For more information about Nursing Process’s ranking methodology, please visit the Nursing Process website.

Nursing Process provides access to nursing education and career information based on state data. Nursing Process aims to assist students aspiring to pursue healthcare careers plan their career path to ensure a smooth transition from school into the workforce. For more information about Nursing Process and the complete listing of 10 Best Schools in Massachusetts for Registered Nursing (ADN/ASN) Programs, including Bristol, please visit the Nursing Process website.

For more information about Bristol Community College’s Nursing program, please visit the Bristol Nursing Program page[BROKEN LINK].

*The NCLEX is an examination for the licensing of nurses in the United States and Canada. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing, INC (NCSBN) develops and administers the exam on behalf of its board members across each state in the United States.

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