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College Access values your partnership and commitment to student success.

Supplemental Contract Courses

Supplemental Contract Courses allow area school districts the ability to purchase courses and offer them to their students at their high school.
District needs determine course offerings which may include courses in:

  • Arts & Humanities
  • Business & Technology
  • Behavioral & Social Science
  • STEM
  • and more...


Additional Information

Click HERE for information on the Commonwealth Dual Enrollment Partnership.

Click HERE for more information on MASS Transfer courses.

Click HERE for more information on required course pre-requisites.

Is your school a Chapter 74 approved vocational site? Please join our CVTE implementation committee by contacting our CVTE Academic Coordinator.

College Access Contact Information

Academic Coordinator, Early College
Michele Almeida, MPA, MA
Phone: 774.357.2750
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Academic Coordinator, CVTE Programs
Heckerly Flores-Maria
Phone: 774.357.2803