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Magielette Hudson

Once the crockpot is filled and set to low and the kids are dropped at school, Magielette Hudson hits the highway bound for a bachelor’s degree at Bryant University.

She’s often tired, this mom of six children between the ages of 4 and 15. And, said she misses her kids when she’s studying into the night

“I’m just running on coffee all the time,” Magie said with a giggle.

But Magie is exhilarated by her promising future — fueled by her success at Bristol Community

College. She graduated with an Associate of Arts in business administration in 2021. And she’s willing to do what it takes to continue her education.

It wasn’t easy for Magie to earn a degree, but the dream of pursuing a college education was never far from her mind.

She’d been passed up for more than one promotion into management positions because she didn’t have a degree.

“I had all the experience. I was always being recognized as a top performer,” she said. “It was very frustrating.”

Magie first tried attending Bristol in 2009, but with a new baby and her husband serving in the military, it wasn’t feasible.

She tried again in the coming years as she expanded her family and was finally able to complete a semester. “It gave me confidence,” she said. “I feel so accomplished now.”

Magie enrolled at Bristol as a full-time student in the fall of 2019 and simply made it work.

“I’m so happy that Bristol made everything so accessible,” Magie said.

Besides excelling as a student at Bristol, Magie became involved as a volunteer and student leader. She was President of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Vice President of the Commonwealth Honors Program Club and Academic Chairperson of Bristol’s Student Senate.

Magie, who loves to connect with people, supported and encouraged fellow Bristol students in finding their own confidence.

She was a lead volunteer of Bristol’s Mobile Food Market, in partnership with the Greater Boston Food Bank; served as President of her husband’s military unit’s Family Readiness Group; and as a volunteer with the Fall River Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Nutrition Program.

In May of 2021, Magie was named one of the prestigious “29 Who Shine” award recipients by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. The honor is bestowed upon students from the Commonwealth’s public higher education system who exhibit academic excellence, student leadership and community service.

“I’m so happy that Bristol made everything so accessible.”

Magie’s tenacity, with a lot of support from her family, has paid off.

“They’re the reason I’m pushing as hard as I am, so I can give them a better life,” Magie said. “We all participate in my education as a family. I feel like they appreciate education a little more.”

Magie, of Fall River, is currently studying human resource management at Bryant and plans to attend law school.

“I love it,” Magie said. “I feel like I’m always going to be in school.”

Hear Magie’s story.