Welcome to the Bristol Community College policies page. The policies are listed alphabetically and will link you to the most updated version of each policy. The newer policies will direct you to PolicyStat, the college's policy management system. Policies that are in the process of being updated, have not yet been migrated to PolicyStat. You can also use this link to go directly to the PolicyStat home page. Please contact the Risk Compliance Officer for questions regarding Bristol Policies.

Please note: Restricted policies will not be displayed on this page. 

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Academic Dishonesty

Academic Integrity

Academic Negligence

Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resource Policy 

Admissions Credentials Policy

Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity and Diversity

Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy

Athletic Equipment & Uniform Return Policy

Attendance and Participation Policy

Auditing a Course


Biological Waste Policy

Book Advance Policy

Brand Guidelines Policy

Breach Notification Incident Response Plan


Campus Card Policy

Catalog Content Owner and Approver Policy

Categorical Waiver Policy

Campus Police & Preparedness Policies

Certified Nursing Assistant Refund Policy

Chosen Name, Personal Pronoun and Gender Identity

Clean Desk and Clear Screen Policy

College Insurance Policy

Communicable and Infectious Disease Policy

Compensation for Serving on an Advisory Board

Consumer Policies

Contractor Background Check Policy

Course Credit Limit Policy

Course Enrollment Verification

Copyright Policy

Credit Card Policy

Credit for Prior Learning


Data Entry Standards Policy

Dental Hygiene Clinical Placement Policy

Dependents in the Workplace Policy

DocuSign Request Form & Procedure

Dual Enrollment Policy


Economic and Business Development Corporate and Customized Professional Training Contracts

Education Field Placement Policy

Electronic Mail Policy

Employee Background Check

Exposure Control Policy


FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid

FERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Firearms and Weapons

Fraud Theft and Protection Policy



Gift Cards / Certificates Policy


Grading Policy

Grants Roles and Responsibilities



Health Science and Nursing Background Check (CORI & SORI), Immunizations, and Randomized Drug Testing Policy

Homeschooling Policy


Inclement Weather

Institutional Fee Waiver Policy

Institutional Review Board

Institutional Survey Policy

Inventory Policy and Procedures

J, K, L, M

Key/Card Access Policy

Liability Insurance Policy

Library Learning Commons Equipment Loans

MA W-9 or W-8 Form Policy

Medical Assistant Certificate Program Clinical Placement Policy

Medical Laboratory Technology and Phlebotomy Clinical Placement Policy


Naming of Facilities Policy

Net Price Calculator

New Employee Relocation

Non-Unit Professionals Personnel Policies Handbook


Occupational Therapy Assistant Field Placement Policy

Office Request and Moves Policy


Password Policy

Payroll Policy

PCI Compliance

Performance Evaluations

Petty Cash Fund General Guidelines

Policy on Policies

Policy Template

Portuguese and Spanish Interpreting Certificate Program Field Placement Policy

Position Classification

Posting Policy

Preferred Lender Lists & Preferred Lender Arrangements

President Emeritus Policy

Q, R

Refund Policy

Remote Access Policy

Request for Alcohol Serving Alcohol on Campus

Risk Acceptance Policy

Risk Management Policy


Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy

Search Committee

Selecting and Awarding Federal Work Study Students

Separation of Employment

Service Animal Policy

Sex Offender Communication Policy

Short term Consultant / Speaker Policy

Social Media Code of Conduct Policy

Standard of Ethical Conduct

Standard for Trust Fund Expenditures

State Ethics - Conflict of Interest Policy

Stolen or Lost Property 

Student Athlete Rapid COVID Test Requirement Policy

Student Code of Conduct - PolicyStat version

Student Identification and Authentication Policy

Student Immunization and Health Record Policy

Student Loan Code of Conduct

Student Rights - ADA Grievance Process

Student Rights - Code of Conduct 

Student Rights - Gainful Employment Program Disclosure

Student Rights - Student Complaints

Student Rights - Student Right-to-Know

Student Self-Disclosure, Registration, and Accommodations with the Office of Disability Services


Telework Policy

Threat Assessment Policy

Travel Policy

Treatment of Title IV Aid when a Student Withdraws 

U, V, W

Underage Students Without a High School Diploma 

Veterinary Health Care Field Experience Placement Policy

Volunteer Opportunities for Employees 

Waitlist Policy

Whistleblower Policy

Withdrawal Policy

Workplace Violence Policy 

Work-related Injury or Illness (Workers' Compensation)

Written Information Security Program (WISP)

X, Y, Z