Festival of Compassion

Festival of Compassion

April 19 - 22, 2022


Break barriers. Spread kindness. Connect with each other.

Create a sense of belonging.

A compassionate space is a psychologically safe space for all.

Bristol Community College's Festival of Compassion is a collection of events, hosted by our Compassion Champions, in collaboration with other areas of the college community.

The festival's purpose is to bring people (students, faculty, staff, everyone) together, to embed and diffuse a culture of compassion, in our college community, by focusing on what unites us. It is hoped that through the festival, we can reach all members of the community, break barriers, spread kindness, connect with each other, create a sense of belonging, and draw-in those who have been isolated, both from the covid-19 pandemic and from other painful events in our world.

Compassion Champions are members of our community who have come together to impact our community through compassionate mind and activities.

Activities for the festival are listed below: