Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College


In order to receive support services, students must register with Disability Services. Students are strongly encouraged to contact Disability Services at least 4 weeks before the start of the semester.

To be eligible to receive services, Disability Services requires that students provide medical and/or diagnostic documentation of their disability. Documentation should be current (within the last three years) and for students with learning disabilities, must include the IEP (Individual Education Plan) as well as psychological and/or educational testing.

Student Responsibilities

Students achieve maximum success when they work in partnership with the Disability Services staff by:

  • Providing documentation of the disability and its impact on learning
  • Discussing specific academic needs with the Learning Specialist
  • Communicating with instructors
  • Arranging for tutoring
  • Ordering taped texts as needed:  ordering electronic or recorded texts: Learning Ally
  • Dedicating two hours of study for each hour of class
  • Attending classes. Students who miss 3 class hours risk loss of accommodations.