Credit for Prior Learning

Through a process called Credit for Prior Learning, students can demonstrate knowledge that they have gained through training, work experience, volunteer opportunities, MOOCs or other non-academic activities prior to enrolling at Bristol. Students can earn credit for life learning if they demonstrate knowledge that meets course outcomes of their academic program in one of these three ways:

  • Credit By Credential
 - Students may earn equivalent course credit for prior learning, including instruction sponsored by the military, business and industry, public and private agencies, associations and educational institutions, and licensure preparation by regulatory agencies and associations.
  • Credit By Examination
 - Advanced Placement (AP) program and departmental challenge exams provide students with an opportunity to earn college credit for subject matter learned through means other than formal college work. View the CLEP Equivalency Policy.
  • Credit by Portfolio - Students can apply to earn credit by with a written portfolio that documents college-level competencies acquired through educational, vocational, or personal learning experiences.

Click here to view the Bristol Credit for Prior Learning Course Equivalency Table

While PLA credit is not available for all courses, students can complete up to 30 credits of their degree program with PLA and/or transfer credits.

Helpful Links

To complete a PLA Intake and learn more about your eligibility, visit the Lash Center for Teaching and Learning (A -115, Fall River Campus) or call 774.357.2511 with questions.

For information about articulated credit with Massachusetts high schools, visit the Career/Vocational Technical Education (CVTE) page.